Nardia hoop earrings

I simply love these very versatile gold Nardia gold hoop earrings with removable charm sets.   Depending on what you are wearing you can add one, two or all three of the charms to create very different looks.  Or you can simply wear them as plain gold hoops.  

A total winner for the summer holidays as you only need to take one pair of earrings with you.

Size Guide

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Size Guide

We want your purchase to be perfect first time. To ensure you select the best fit, we have provided the following Size Guide.

Our jewellery comes in 2 standard sizes - Regular & Large.
Please ensure you order the correct size based on the following information:

Wrist Measurement

Take a tape measure, or piece of string, and wrap it around your wrist where a bracelet would sit (as per our illustration).
Take a note of the circumference and compare it to our standard jewellery measurements below.

Regular: Up to 18.5cm Wrist Circumference 
Large: Up to 20cm Wrist Circumference 

If your wrist circumference is 16cm or smaller, please contact us for stock availability.