Elise charm bracelet

48The Elise chain bracelet is designed to fit all interchangeable charms available to buy seperately. Gold and silver.

The chain is made up of 2-link elements, every second link has an opening, where the link itself can be detached (to shorten the chain) or a charm can be added. 

This new design allows you create your own signature bracelet, either plain or with charms.

22 carat gold plated, 9 inch in size and nickel free

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Size Guide

We want your purchase to be perfect first time. To ensure you select the best fit, we have provided the following Size Guide.

Our jewellery comes in 2 standard sizes - Regular & Large.
Please ensure you order the correct size based on the following information:

Wrist Measurement

Take a tape measure, or piece of string, and wrap it around your wrist where a bracelet would sit (as per our illustration).
Take a note of the circumference and compare it to our standard jewellery measurements below.

Regular: Up to 18.5cm Wrist Circumference 
Large: Up to 20cm Wrist Circumference 

If your wrist circumference is 16cm or smaller, please contact us for stock availability.